How to Make a Fabric Swatch Book (2024 Guide)

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What is a Fabric Swatch Book?

A fabric swatch book arranges different fabric samples in a book format. The fabric samples are pieces of fabric cut and pasted to pages or cards to assemble in a book.

If you want to make your own fabric swatch book, follow our blog and read till the end.

Why You Should Make a Fabric Swatch Book Today

Gathering all your fabric swatches helps you keep track of what types of fabric you own. So you don’t have to hunt around for them

For designers, It’s super handy because you can see and feel the fabrics, making it easier to decide which ones to use for your upcoming. projects. Plus, you can take it with you when you shop for more fabric, showing exactly what you have and need.

If you’re a business in the fabric industry, you should collect samples of your fabrics in one place. This book can be used to give your clients an idea of what type of products you offer. Your potential clients can touch the fabric, observe its weight, look at its drape, and see the pattern. This is seen as a professional gesture in fabric-related businesses since the buyers can get an idea of the fabric type and quality before committing to a purchase.  

Make Your Fabric Swatch Book -Step By Step

how to make a swatch book - cutting cloth

Getting your materials

Let’s take a look at the materials you’ll need to organize your fabric swatch book. 

  • Fabric Samples: You’ll need fabric samples to make your swatch book. Of course, these are the heart of your swatch book. These fabric samples can be from your own collection, or you can purchase them from fabric stores. You can find a lot of stores that offer free swatches of fabric, which you can purchase at a fraction of the price.
  • Cardboard or Paper: You’ll need thick cardboard or heavy paper which will be the base of your swatch books. You don’t need a specific type of paper but make sure to choose a durable paper that can bear the weight of the fabric and hold your book uptight.
  • Book, binder, staples, glue: In this step,  decide on how you want to compile your swatch book. There are various ways to do that. You can either use a ring binder, glue, staples, or thread to bring your pages together. 
  • Scissors: You’ll need a sharp pair of scissors for cutting fabric swatches and paper.
  • Labels: Now this is the major reason why we are making the fabric swatch book. To write useful details about your fabric. Use any kind of pen to write about the fabric or print labels if you’re feeling a bit fancy. 

Sizing your fabric swatches

After collecting all the materials, it is now time to cut your fabric into uniform swatches. Before cutting though, make sure it is free of wrinkles. It’ll help you cut it to the right size and will accurately show the fabric’s shape and texture.

Use scissors to cut your fabric to standard measurements like 2×2 or 3×3 inches. You can scale the measurements as you wish. However, making your fabric swatches into a standard size makes your book look aesthetically pleasing.

Writing details about the swatches

You can use any pen to write details about the fabric cuts or print labels. Now, there are a lot of ways to arrange your fabric swatches. If you can’t decide on how to categorize them, choose any of the techniques below:

  • You can write about the type of fabric of your cut. For example, denim, cotton, or jacquard to help in selecting the right material for projects.
  • Write the material composition (e.g., 100% cotton, blend ratios) 
  • You can also note down how the fabric should be cared for to maintain its quality.
  • State whether the fabric has been pre-washed.
  • Mention the price of the fabric per yard to help in budgeting
  • Write down the weight of the fabric and see patterns of the way it drapes.

Attaching the swatches & finalizing your fabric swatch book

You can use glue or double-sided tape to attach each swatch to its paper. Lastly, to bring the whole book together, use either tape, glue, ring binding, thread binding, or staples. When the pages are adhered to each other, your collection of fabric swatches is complete.

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Can I make a swatch book if I’m new to sewing?

Yes, you definitely can! A fabric swatch book is a great tool for beginners. It helps you get familiar with different types of fabrics, their names, and their uses. You just need to cut the fabric into squares and it does not require a lot of sewing skills to do.

Do I need a lot of fabric to start?

No. You can start with just a few fabric samples, even leftovers from other projects. The idea is to build your collection over time. Don’t put off making a fabric swatch book just because you don’t have different types of fabric.

How long does it take to make a fabric swatch book?

The time it takes to create a fabric swatch book depends on each person’s preferences. Gathering your materials and preparing your fabric can be done in a few hours, but the overall project can take several days if you’re working on it bit by bit.

What’s the best way to organize my swatch book?

You should organize your swatch book to suit your style. There’s no right or wrong way in this. Some popular methods include sorting by fabric type, color, project, or even where you purchased the fabric.

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